Recent Evidence Suggests Alarming Increase of Estimated Oil on Ocean’s Surface Since Arrival of Coast Guard Contractor at MC20 Site

Taylor Energy released the following statement today:

“Since the Couvillion Group, at Coast Guard’s direction, arrived at the MC-20 site on February 24, 2019, observers have continued overflights of the site (as has been done since 2009 on behalf of the Unified Command) to monitor any visible sheen and estimate the volume of hydrocarbons on the ocean’s surface.

“The reports are showing an alarming increase in the estimated volumes of oil visible on the surface of the water.

“Historically, typical daily sheen volumes averaged in the tens of gallons.

“However, since Couvillion arrived on site, reports have shown multiple days where estimates of oil on the water’s surface exceeded 1,000 gallons, and many more days where estimates exceeded 200 gallons per day.

“Despite these alarming numbers and repeated requests, the Coast Guard has refused to share information with Taylor Energy, even though Taylor Energy remains the designated Responsible Party for the site.  Indeed, the Coast Guard’s lack of transparency is unprecedented and concerning.

“Taylor Energy had warned the Coast Guard of the risk of reckless and irresponsible disturbance of the hydrocarbons trapped in the sediment on the seafloor following the collapse of the MC-20 platform.  Now the company’s worst fears are being realized.

“The Coast Guard’s failure to advise the public of these increases in oil on the surface of the water should be of concern to all who advocate for transparency and protection of the environment.”