Taylor Energy Issues Update on MC-20; Raises Concern Over Increased Sheen Volumes

Taylor Energy Company LLC released the following statement today:

“Since September 2004, following the collapse of the MC20 oil platform, Taylor Energy has fulfilled its responsibility to plug wells, capture oil and protect the environment. To date, Taylor Energy has spent over $486 million to successfully combine the best science and engineering in response to this incident. The company has always supported responsible actions to protect the Gulf.

“This is why Taylor Energy is raising the alarm about the junk science the Coast Guard is now using to justify activities that could destabilize the site and cause far more environmental harm than good.

“The evidence is already apparent. The observed sheen volumes have spiked higher since the Coast Guard’s contractor began work at the site. The Coast Guard is acting recklessly and with unprecedented secrecy, underscoring Taylor Energy’s concern for the potential harm to the environment.”