Upcoming Event: 2019 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference Poster

Poster Number – 208: Taylor Energy’s Efforts to be the Most Responsible, Responsible Party at MC-20

When: Wed, February 6th, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Where: GoMOSES, Hyatt Regency


The MC-20 platform was toppled by an unforeseen underwater sea floor event that occurred as Hurricane Ivan (September 2004) passed approximately 60 miles to the east. With both exceptional maximum wave heights and peak wave periods, Ivan’s intensity coupled with preconditioning of the seafloor for failure (slope over-steepening, sediment under-consolidation, and biogenic gas production), resulted in an exceptional combination of factors that caused a regional slope failure. The platform now lies on its side, partially buried in mud, approximately 550 feet down slope of its original location. There continues to be sheen expression on the surface at MC20. The complex nature and duration of this response effort is unprecedented and as Incident Commander for Taylor Energy, I will present information on past, current, and future response activities. These will include the original state and source identification and control operations, including drilling nine intervention wells and installation of containment domes. The goal is to provide a foundation for understanding conditions and information related to MC20 and the ongoing response efforts.


W. Pecue